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Mouse suggested I create an abridged version of the photosite for the more casual observer.

Mouse taking the MG out
Me and car
down to tub and cowl 3
Gearbox in car
tub on slave chassis waiting for wood
Another chassis shot
hoist engine 1
Compressing front coil srpings
Chassis from the front
Sandblasting the Chassis bottom side
Dave ready to spray
Beautiful Chassis
Painting line up
Rear leaf spring components
Rear springs ready for touch up paint
Left Front Brake Shoes installed
Master cylinder and pedal box from above
RH front brake lines new hoses RH
Front suspension installed
Cover off
Finally empty gearbox
Safety wire for selector shaft
clutch rod after improvement
Head on work table
checking fit of rear seal and crank mains
timing chain installed to set valves
Wood stove stoked up for painting
first coat of paint
mating gearbox to engine 2
after cleaning 2
carburetors assembled jets centered
fuel vent tubes routing RHS 2
Drive shaft complete
fan spacer and pulley in place 4
snow, and the garage is full of MG
fitting silencer checking clearance
Wheels and tires mounted on front and on ground-1
engine start engine runs
More wood arrives
Finished handle assy LH-1
Painting hood bows 1
Story board of cages
New wood cowl
finished instruments flash
fascia panel nearly complete
Windscreen sitting next to distilled water
Seats test arrangement
Wire loom tinned and finalized
Radiator installed0002
TD chassis and Maggie
Assuring wood fits bonnet
Finally a decent left hand door fit
Firewall perfect clear coat
Tub in color and clear block sanding cowl
Door fit LH outside
Firewall wired except for grounds
Firewall and tub mated 1
Inspecting completed panels
Garage filled with MG parts again
After test fitting restoring flange
Final main paint repair
Wings and windscreen on
Work finished at Mikes
rear finished
Maiden Voyage Day
insurance front side
insurance back side
insurance interior 02
insurance trunk
Insurance engine 02
installed hood exterior 01
installed hood exterior 02
installed hood interior 01
Tonneau installed
Tommys first car show Osceola 02
Tommys first car show Osceola 04
Tommys first car show Osceola 03
Tommys first car show Osceola 01
Tommys first car show Osceola 05
Tommys first car show Osceola 08
Shot for business card 02
Shot for business card 03
Mouse taking Tommy out 03
Mouse taking Tommy out 01
Instruments at speed
Advanced Distributor 02
Up position support arm
Hood Cover in use 05
LH mounted on car 01
RH mounted on car 2
Tommy leaves for GOF
Tommy on Funkhana
Road America
Tommy at GOF
2011-05-17 Garden pick up
Picture on the road in 2012 by Jim Elwell

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