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After undressing the engine it came apart easily. Components were inspected, cleaned and bagged, or set aside for rebuilding or paint. A list of parts needed for the rebuilding was made.

engine rhs ready for teardown
engine ready for teardown front
engine ready for teardown back
engine ground strap
engine ready for teardown lhs
spark plugs on removal
ID badge bagged for safe keeping
rear head cover corrosion
Oil pump and distributer
Generator bracket aft with distributor ground
Engine mount bracket
oil fliter gasket 2
oil pump cover off
oil pump in tray
oil pump first cleaning
oil pump driven gear shaft
removing driven pump gear shaft
rocker shaft 2
rocker shaft side view 2
oil breather pipe secured with wire
side cover gaslet
external oil line
engine and cleaned parts
rocker shaft removed
tappets and pushrods
Rocker arm shaft legs
cam shaft lobes through block
Pulling crankshaft pulley
Divot in crankshaft pulley 2
timing chain cover removed 2
Inching head off 2
Inching head off 3
Head after cursory cleaning
removing mounting studs from head
Head studs out of block
Head gasket off
Head on work table
Timing chain white links do line up with sprocket marks
water pump and pully
engine control link
Preparing to remove the sump
crankcase with gasket
sump needs cleaning
sludge in sump
Oil pickup bolt
cleaned sump pickup
rear seal top half
Pistons out of engine
rods clearly showing bearing damage
removing small end gudgeon pin bolt
each big end is numbered
Only broken ring it is on 1
2 rod bearing rod end
3 rod bearing
crank out two studs stayed in
removing cam shaft bearing lock botls
center cam shaft bearing
cam shaft
Pistons and rods bagged in sets
crank shaft with flywheel
scoring in 1 cylinder from broken ring
block RHS
Block LHS
loading engine block on van
closeup of engine mounting pattern on stand

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