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I was going to tear apart and rebuild the old exhaust, but that was back when this project was simply to make a driver. Now that I'm deeper into restoration, and I realized how poorly the old exhaust fit, I've decided to install a stainless steel system.

down to tub and cowl 3
old exhaust cut up for disposal
first crack in hanger bracket
second crack in hanger bracket
Bracket for exhaust on Gear box
composite Gasket
tightening first pipe
fitting silencer checking clearance
tightening rear hanger
Fit shown forward
Aft Fit
scrapping off stickers
gear box hanger exhaust top
gear box hanger exhaust
Cutting exhaust hanger extension
Exhaust hanger extension
Rear Hanger and Extension
Extension installed on hanger
Extensioin installed on hanger 2
Rear hanger and extension on car

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