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Once I had the engine stripped, I went with Mike Segar to machine and rebuild the engine. This is the first complete XPAG he has done, but we had some very experienced sources to work with. Mike and I did the short block together at his shop.

Coefficient expansion iron
engine block being bored .060 over
cross hatch pattern in cylinder
valve seat cutting tools
TS Balance 2
TS crank balance screen
TS drilling balance crank 2
TS Mike drilling flywheel
TS drilling balance flywheel
TS adding pressure plate balance
TS Final Crank balance screen
TS New valves and bronze guides
TS reaming bronze valve guide
Weighing pistons and rods
Torquing gudgeon pinch bolts
removing front camshaft bearing from rear
checking fit of rear seal and crank mains
Installing main bearing studs with eccentric driver
bottom rings in still need upper rings
Installing rings
Next is the head
rocking head in place
crowned and polished tappets
Pushrods and rockers in place
timing chain installed to set valves
Engine ready to take home to finish
Engine on stand ready to be finished
Water jacket improvements

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