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Restoration of the braking system, including my decision to go with silicon fluid. By cleaning everything really well, I was able to keep my option open until it was time to fill the system.

Left rear brake assy
drum with nut and cotter RH front
Pullng drum RH front
LH Front brake and hub
Bad lining in rear RH side
Removing rear brake floating spring
LH Rear brake assy
Turned brake drums and arched linings
Left Front Brake Shoes installed
Right front brake shoes installed
Left Front Backing plate and Swivels ready to install
Right Front Backing plate and Swivels ready to install 2
Ready for coil spring
Rebuilding brake master cylinder
Brake pedal arrangement
Pedal and pedal shaft
Brake master cylinder install
Master cylinder and pedal box from above
Pedal box cover instaled
Brake pedal extensions and hardware
Rubber exculder for the floor board
Rubber excluder for the carpeting
Bulged end of brake fitting
Same brake lines new hoses-1
RH front brake lines new hoses RH
LH front brake lines new hoses
L and R rear brake shoes installed
L and R rear brake backing plates
Backing plate bolted to the axle
LH installation
Rear brake line routing and clamping
Brake line routing rear
LH drum in place
Brake line axle clips 2-1
Final brake fluid decision Silicon
The Dot 5 was purple how cool-1
hand brake installation
Straightening pkg brake cable threads
Removing rivet from handbrake handle-1
Handbrake handle disassembled-1
Replacement nylon bushing from hardware store-1
Painted parking brake bracket and rachet-1
Polished parking brake handle-1
Finished handle assy RH-1
Finished handle assy LH-1
Four way with brake light sw-1
Brake light rely 2
Brake light relay wired and installed-1
Brake relay improvement 01
Parking brake cable installation
Parking brake cable routing
Fitting hand brake handle
Fitting the hand brake handle

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