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The first cut at disassembling the MG for restoration. Large components such as wings (fenders) Instrument panel, interior, gas tank, and bumpers removed.

VMGCCK rally 1981
Laura MG TD Nov 1981 3
Laura MG TD Nov 1981 2
Dave MG TD Nov 1981
Laura MG TD Nov 1981
daves mg
Dave GOF 13 1991 1
First timers show GOF 13 1991
Tech Inspection GOF 13 1991
Mouse taking the MG out
Happier days
Extra chrome on the grille, bumpers
Rear View
Hood damage
Rotten Hood
Engine view RHS
Engine LHS
Battery box
Oil gauge pipe routing
Attach bolt for gas pedal out before Gearbox tunnel
Brake pedal arrangement
Chromed headlamp buckets and stays
Another headlamp view
Me and car
Garage full of assemblies, not parts
Without the slab tank in place
Tub rear shot
Main floor out-1
Radiator mount location
Removing components from the firewall
A little organization is needed
Engine after first cleaning
The chassis before cleaning
Enough for one day
Another chassis shot
Rear brake line routing and clamping
engine out

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